Tie-up box

Introducing our ingenious use of rigid box material to create a truly unique packaging experience. This custom-designed box features a tying mechanism that holds everything together, adding a touch of elegance and convenience. With a gentle pull, the box gracefully drops open, unveiling the snugly fitted foam cutouts that securely cradle your products inside. This packaging marvel not only ensures the safety of your items but also makes unboxing a delightful moment for your customers. Embrace the combination of artistry and functionality in our rigid box, setting a new standard for packaging excellence and leaving a lasting impression on all who receive it.

Industry : Gifting / Perfumes / FMCG

Testimonial : “We were spellbound by the custom-designed box! Its tying mechanism and graceful opening added an artistic touch to our perfume gift kits. The snugly fitted foam cutouts ensured a perfect presentation, leaving our consumers impressed and delighted. A packaging masterpiece!”