Magnetic Locking Box

For a premium look and feel, our magnetic locking boxes offer the perfect combination of security and style. These boxes are ideal for gifting and high-end products that deserve a luxurious touch.

Drawer Style Box

Looking for a packaging solution that provides easy access to small items? Our drawer style boxes feature a sliding drawer that allows for easy access to the contents inside. Perfect for packaging jewelry, accessories, and other small items. (e.g marriott chocolate box, KS deo, Bayer white 2 drawer box)

Door Style Opening Box

Looking for easy access to your product's contents? Our door-style opening box is a great option that offers convenience without compromising on style. This box is designed to deliver an element of surprise - and can be customized to include pop ups and other interactive elements. They're ideal as product revealers for cosmetics and jewelry, and for other high-end products. (Style of boxes to display:side opening, liquor box sliding style e.g diane, bbraun, lux awards, new liquor box )

MDF Boxes

If durability is what you're after, our MDF boxes are a strong and sturdy option that's perfect for packaging high-end products. These boxes are an excellent choice for companies in the fashion, cosmetic, and electronic accessories industries. (sample boxes- turkish baklava)

Wooden Box

For a natural and eco-friendly look, our pine wood boxes offer both durability and rustic charm. They're perfect for companies in the lifestyle and real estate industries. (Givaudan, KS mango kit)

Luxury Box

If you're looking to impress clients, partners, or colleagues with your packaging, our luxury boxes are fully customizable and designed to meet your unique needs. Featuring high-quality materials, custom branding and logo printing, and a premium look and feel, our luxury boxes are perfect for corporate gifting, Diwali, New Year's, and other special occasions. (Lux golden rose, arati sample, diane, givaudan sample box, bbraun revelaer, GBS)

Top Bottom Box

Our top-bottom boxes offer a secure and stylish storage option for a variety of high-end products, including liquor and clothing. The lid fits over the bottom portion of the box, providing added security. (e.g evolis diwali gift box, GVK, global beauty secrets)

Foldable Rigid Box

Our foldable rigid boxes are versatile and can be customized to fit a variety of products. They're perfect for gifting and can be used for a range of occasions. (e.g: white fashion box, cochlear, arati tea)

Carton Packaging Box

For cost-effective shipping and storage, our customizable corrugated boxes are the perfect option. These carton boxes are tailored to your specific requirements, and are a popular choice for cosmetic, fashion, and tech accessories, because they have deep cavities and come with study handles. (Style of boxes to display:top opening e.g cochlear, neopack combo box, castrol, nyasaa shoe box)

Puzzle Game Box

These custom-made boxes feature a fun and challenging puzzle on the lid, which adds an interactive element to the gifting experience. These puzzle boxes not only make a lasting impression on the recipient but also add an extra layer of excitement to the gift-giving process. These can be designed and customised to your particular requirement.

LED Light Box

Want to showcase your products in style? Check out our range of LED boxes. These boxes are designed to give your products a stunning display and feature built-in LED lights. Ideal to showcase that premium champagne or limited edition whiskey.
(Style of boxes to display:with light e.g jewellery box, PWD box, diane dispensor)

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